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CLEAN BAG is innovative packaging article that protects the cleanliness of your products.

Utmost cleanliness is required in semiconductor, LCD,and precision instruments field to increase the production yield. Furthermore, the absence of visible as well as invisible particle contamination is also beginning to be required in pharmaceutical, medical, food processing field.
CLEAN BAG is for protecting your precious products from the surroundings that are hard to control the cleanliness.


Characteristics of CLEAN BAG



We can provide the advises on the best suitable grade of CLEAN BAG according to the protection level required for your products.


From selecting raw materials to converting into bags, CLAEN BAG is manufactured to a uniformly high standard.


CLEAN BAG is manufactured in a cleanroom.


CLEAN BAG maintains high level of cleanliness due to the use of the inflation method because this enables inner side of the bag not to be in contact with outer atmosphere


Application of CLEAN BAG


In electronics field, for packaging the following items:

HDD parts, backlight unit, poly silicon, high functional resin, cleanroom supplies (i.e., cleanroom smocks, cleanroom boots, cleanroom gloves, and etc.), precision cleaned products, chip tray, wafer carrier tray or box, wafer, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, substrates such as silicon or glass wafer, and etc.


In pharmaceutical & medical field, for packaging the following items:

medical devices (i.e., syringe, tube), medical and food additives, capsules, bottles for purified materials, in-process material, active pharmaceutical ingredients(API),etc.


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